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Eton, Windsor, Berks Established 1891

27 High St, Eton, SL4 6AX(01753) 865 647

Cleaning paper and removing stains is a delicate an specialised process but can make an incredible difference and bring vibrancy back to your painting.  We have a wealth of expertise in repairing most kinds of damage.

Watercolours are very susceptible to chemical attack, sometimes even caused by the choice of backboard material.  Removing and correcting such damage is very delicate work as the water-based pigment is extremely sensitive.

Brown spots of bacteria or mould can appear on acidic paper if humidity is high or because of antique paper making processes which leave metallic particles behind.

Light can cause pigment to lose its vibrancy and make details disappear.  This cannot be corrected by cleaning but in some cases can be retouched with watercolour.

Tears in the supporting paper are common can can usually be repaired with specialist conservation tape.

We can also repair insect invasion, fungus, damp, water stains, scratches and many other problems.

To preserve your watercolours after repair, we mount on conservation board and backing card with specialist glass to provide full protection.  Please contact us to ask about the various options and associated costs.

Before, with evidence of foxing

After, finished and mounted for a new lease of life.

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