Mr. Manley’s skills as an art restorer and maker of the highest quality picture frames were quickly recognized by King Edward VII who awarded the firm its first Royal warrant. Further warrants were awarded by King George V and Princess Christian when the Gallery moved premises to 27 High Street Windsor (currently a ‘Barbour’ country clothes store’, directly opposite Queen Victoria’s statue outside the gates of Windsor Castle). Mr. Manley Snr died in 1921 and his wife Maud carried on the business, gathering further Royal warrants from Queen Mary and George VI. The business moved once again to larger premises at 24 Thames Street, Windsor, now occupied by Zizzi Restaurant.

Mrs. Manley transferred the business to their son Patrick in 1949 who was awarded the last Royal warrant by Her Majesty the Queen in 1956. The final move was in 1964 to the present location at 27 High Street, Eton. The business was taken over by Malcolm Leach in 2004 who after 20 years later handed the restoration baton to Sandra Rodriguez, who worked alongside Malcolm as head conservator of Manley Restoration. Malcolm is still involved in Manley Gallery where he continues to provide clients with all important conservation mounting and high-end framing services, both of which are hugely complimentary to the restoration business.


84-85 Peascod St, Windsor
27 High St, Windsor
27 High St, Eton

Manley has always cherished its inclusion within the Windsor and Eton Community and long standing relationship with the Royal family.

Manley is a very special business with a reputation the envy of many. We cherish each one of our clients and our hugely talented, dedicated colleagues that work alongside us, and always will.


We would like to thank Charlotte Manley for providing us these images and for sharing with us her archive.

Images courtesy of ©Charlotte Manley.