Our team has extensive research and practical conservation experience with some of the most complex materials, including adhesives removal, unusual substrates and iron gall ink.

Surface cleaning

Removal of embedded dirt, grime, and pollution at the beginning of the treatment is a crucial step, as any adhesive placed on top will seal that dirt for the future.

De-acidifying or washing and alkalisation

After identifying the material composition of the object and measuring the pH of the paper. Careful cleaning will improve the aesthetics and pH, revealing the work’s original colours.

Foxing and mould treatment

Foxing and mould can disperse and discolour paper permanently and risk the integrity of the object.
Our team will safely remove the contamination and staining.

Tape and adhesives removal

Tapes become brittle and adhesives get oxidised in the paper. Our team is trained in preservation techniques to ensure that the tape is removed without causing damage to the paper.

Back removal

Old mountboards and backs, usually made with acidic materials and pasted with animal glues, migrate their acids to the artwork, accelerating the ageing process.

Tear repair

Our team uses a wide range of techniques and methods, such as orebuse or very thin Japanese long-fibred paper, to mend tears. We tailor the adhesive and paper fibre to the characteristics of the object.

Infilling losses

Our team will fill the gaps and losses of the paper to consolidate the support. Sometimes, these infillings are previously toned.


Our team will in-paint or retouch areas where paint loss has occurred, using carefully matched pigments to seamlessly integrate with the original artwork.

Ripples and creases flattening

Different ripples, creases, and distortions are treated with different techniques and methods, which might involve from localised flattening to lining the entire object to provide durable support.

Bookbinding and conservation boxes

Our book restoration services include the repair and reconstruction of covers, board reattachment, spine repair, bookbinding, leather treatment and conservation boxes.