Our conservation services encompass a variety of treatments, such as surface cleaning, repairing small tears, removing stains, and retouching. Whether a cherished family album or a valuable fine art print, each piece receives meticulous care and attention to detail.

Digital restoration and printing

In addition to traditional conservation methods, we also provide high end digital restoration services. After a photograph undergoes conservation treatment, it can be scanned, with any remaining imperfections addressed digitally by skilled on-screen retouchers. This approach ensures both the long-term preservation of the object and the most faithful restoration possible. If required, we are also able to provide high end giclee prints from the digital files all with UV safe ink.

Photograph cleaning

Each photograph is unique and has different mediums and manufacturing processes. A daguerreotype, silver gelatine or ink-jet are cleaned in different ways, therefore the method and solvent selected by our conservators to remove surface grime without damaging the image is crucial.

Tear repair and stain removal

Our photograph conservators use a wide range of techniques and methods to repair paper tears, surface blemishes and damage caused by glass breakage. We tailor the adhesive and paper fibre to the characteristics of the photograph.

Digital photo restoration

Carried out by highly skilled retouching technicians using Photoshop on Mac hardware and Lacie screens. Printing is carried out on professional range Epson printers using specialist inks and substrates.


  • Artwork documentation
  • Collection care
  • Preventive conservation measures
  • Artifact protection