Our ceramic and glass conservators have treated a wide range of ceramic objects from Chinese Lacquerware to Lalique, from Meissen to Majolica and much more. If your object is broken, it’s advisable to bring as many of the fragments as soon as possible. This ensures that the artistic and historic integrity of the object can be preserved effectively.

Cleaning and dismantling

Our team will create a bespoke cleaning treatment which might include deionised water and a mild detergent, methylated spirits and steam to reverse previous repairs, remove dirt and residual grease.

Removal of old restorations

We dismantle old repairs and remove repaints where original paint has been covered layer by layer with delicate and specialised techniques.

Broken porcelain and terracotta bonding

Our team can recreate any missing areas to bring back stability and original appearance.

Broken glass bonding

To consolidate glass, as invisibly as possible, we use Hxtal, a conservation grade non-yellowing epoxy resin which matches the qualities of glass. Hxtal is the most sympathetic and long-lasting material glass conservators currently have in the market.


We closely collaborate with our team of trusted and audited conservators on clocks and watches restoration.


Our team will mould and cast missing parts, such as hands, vase sections and handles to improve the integrity of the object

Colour filling

Our colour filling uses an epoxy resin bulked and tinted to match the original’s colour and translucency.

Retouching and gilding

Apart from retouching with contemporary materials, we also offer gilding services using the full range of precious metals, as well as faux gold leaf and faux silver leaf.