One of our goals is to preserve historic gilding which may be hidden under multiple paint layers. Alongside modern conservation practice and materials, our frames conservators use a wide range of traditional techniques and materials, such as water gilding.

Surface cleaning

Antique picture frames often have complex ornate surfaces which collect dust and other surface contaminants such as soot from chimneys. We can remove these with various gilded surface cleaning techniques.

Missing moulding consolidation

Our team will consolidate and replace detached and missing moulding with new carving or casting to match the original, with historically appropriate techniques.

Reattachment of loose corners

The reattachment of loose corners involves adding a filler in the case of a small gap, or the disassembly of all parts and their reattachment.

Split wood

Organic materials, such as wood, expand and contract with changes in temperature and relative humidity. The treatment will depend on the size of the split and flexibility of the materials.

Flaking surface consolidation

Gold and silver leaf is most often applied to a gesso ground which is susceptible to changes in humidity and can flake or delaminate from the surface and require consolidation.

Structural treatment

Changes over time in temperature and relative humidity may cause flaking and cracking, which may jeopardise the object. To consolidate the frame and prevent further deterioration, inner structures and wood fillings might be necessary.


We offer a choice of faux or real 23.5 carat gold or silver leaf to re-gild lost and damaged areas or the entire surface.

Retouching and finishes

Retouching, toning, waxing and sizing is the last step to seamlessly integrate the restored areas with the original. We use a wide range of contemporary and traditional materials.

Conservation framing

Broken and missing glass can be replaced with UV acrylic, Waterwhite UV Glass®, or for historical integrity traditional crown glass can be provided.

Preventive conservation backing

Old frames often contain backings and mount boards with high levels of acidity. With time, the acids transfer to the artwork causing discolouration and degradation. These must be replaced with acid-free conservation grade boards that protect the object and prevent further damage.