Manley adheres to a strict code of ethics, prioritising the preservation of the artist’s intent and historical integrity.

We employ reversible materials and methods to safeguard artworks, ensuring they remain accessible for future generations to study and enjoy. Additionally, we provide comprehensive assistance with aftercare, including hanging, storage, transport and collection management, to further support the preservation of these valuable pieces.


Removal of dirt, grime, and old varnishes is a crucial step, as with time, they might alter the varnish or paint. We use specialised techniques and solutions to clean the painting’s surface without causing harm to the original paint layers.

Varnish removal

Varnish discolours with time and distorts the integrity of the painting, as colours and spatial dimensions are altered. Expert cleaning removes these layers, revealing the work’s original appearance.

Removal of restorations

Old restoration attempts, where original paint has been repainted often cover more than the damage itself and can be removed to reveal intention of the artist.

Paint consolidation

Our team use a wide range of products, from animal glues to synthetic, agar-agar or funori. We tailor conservation treatments based on the artwork’s materials and finish.

Tear repair

Different tears, nicks and canvas distortions are treated with different techniques and methods, which might include localised thread-by-thread joining to line the entire canvas to provide durable support.

Structural stabilisation

Our team specialises in tear repair, punctures and deformations in canvas and panels. This is a critical step as retouching will never look true if this step is not perfectly executed.


Our team will in-paint or retouch areas where paint loss has occurred, using carefully matched pigments to seamlessly integrate with the original artwork. The goal is to make the restoration work visually harmonious with the surrounding original paint without compromising reversibility.

Glazing and conservation framing

Our sister company, Manley Gallery, located in the same Eton High Street premises, specialises in conservation framing. It also provides framing consultancy including advice on frames, mounts and glass including UV.